Pasture Raised Turkey

Have you started thinking about your Thanksgiving turkey yet? It's always a good idea to plan ahead and secure your delicious holiday meal. If you're looking for a turkey that actually tastes like turkey, you might want to consider preordering one of our bronze heritage derived turkeys. These turkeys are not your average white ones that are mass produced for grocery stores. The Bronze turkey is a breed of turkey that originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys they found upon their arrival. It has been the most popular turkey breed throughout most of American history, and the name of the breed refers to its plumage, which bears an iridescent bronze-like sheen.

Our farm offers pasture-raised Bronze heritage derived turkeys that are raised on our farm from one-day-old poults. They're free to roam around and enjoy fresh air, sunlight, grass, and bugs. Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO feed and herbs and vegetable scraps from our gardens, so you can rest assured that they're eating healthy and natural food. You can choose from whole turkeys, turkey breasts, turkey thighs or turkey legs when you preorder. We process the turkeys at our farm, and you pick up your fresh never-frozen turkey the weekend before Thanksgiving, ready for brining or cooking. Don't miss out on this chance to enjoy a tasty farm-fresh local turkey. We highly recommend preordering your turkey, they sell out fast! 


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