Are you a store, market, gift shop, or boutique looking to carry FGF products? During certain seasons, we also wholesale our chicken, eggs, and greens to restaurants and grocery stores. 

Please fill out the below form, and we will email you a link to our online wholesale buying site. 

Artisanal Small Batch Quality From a Small Family Herb Farm 

  • Products from a small family run farm 
  • VDAC’s Regulated
  • Barcodes on Products
  • 15 Years in business, customer recognition of products (many customers request us to sell in stores for their convenience)   
  • Herbal Teas (health enhancing formulas that taste good and appeal to the general public). Our herbal tea blends do great on the shelf but you can also make them in big batches (in a percolator pot) to sell by the mug or glass.
  • Floral Room Sprays (excellent repeat sellers)
  • Dip Mixes, Seasonings, Salts and Spices 
  • DIY Herbal Kits (very popular with the public)   
  • Herb Infused Salves
  • We Supply Promotional Materials (to help educate and promote sales)
  • Low Reorder Minimum 

Our minimum for the first order is $150 (plus shipping or delivery), and after that, reorders are only $50 (plus shipping and delivery).

Drop us a line to lean more about wholesale

We appreciate your interest in carrying FGF products in your store and will be in touch soon.

Please provide your business name and specify the products you are interested in.