Pasture Raised Chicken

We sell our pasture raised eggs and chicken (whole and parts) in our farm store. 

Broiler Chickens 

At our farm, we take great care in raising our chickens. We start with two-day-old chicks and do not give them any medications or antibiotics. Our rotational grazing program allows them to grow out on the pasture, where they can feed on fresh grass and insects. Every day, we move them to a new patch of grass so they have access to fresh food and bedding. Additionally, we provide them with non-GMO feed sourced locally. We sell whole birds, breasts, wings, legs, liver, hearts, and feet. 

We process and vacuum pack our chickens on-site for optimal freshness, eliminating the long shipping and handling typical of commercial systems. This means you're truly buying locally-raised and processed Virginia chicken.

Our small-batch processing ensures a short time from feather to the freezer, reducing the risk of contaminants and producing healthy nutrient-dense chicken that actually tastes like chicken!

Laying Hens

We raise our laying chickens on our farm from when they are two-day-old chicks, without any medications or antibiotics. Our chickens live on our pastures, which are part of our holistic farm Adaptive Grazing program. They have access to fresh grass and insects, which adds diversity to their diet.

Rob has designed and built portable laying houses for the chickens that we move throughout our pastures. We supplement our chickens' diets with locally milled non-GMO feed, fresh greens, vegetables, and herbs from our gardens and greenhouses.

Our laying hens are not just “free range”, “cage-free”, “fresh farm eggs”, or “vegetarian only fed” like many store-bought egg cartons claim. Our chickens are truly pasture-raised in nature.

Our eggs are produced properly on a small scale and surpass almost any store-bought egg in richness, yolk color, and taste. Our chickens are truly pasture-raised, with their shelter, food, and water moved along with them. This allows the chickens to be out in the open gaining the benefits of the sun and nature. Our eggs get their rich nutrients from this natural environment. Studies have shown that pasture-raised chicken eggs are higher in vitamin E, beta-carotene, Omega 3’s, and lower in cholesterol than standard USDA factory-farmed chicken eggs.

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