Forrest Green Farm

Magnesium Oil Spray


 This spray is simply amazing! It's perfect for use on the legs, arms, feet, and torso, and can really make a difference in how soft and smooth your skin feels. But there's more to it than just improving your skin. This product has been known to help reduce headaches, stress, and anxiety while also helping you sleep better. Plus, it can help your muscles feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, which is especially helpful if you experience discomfort in your legs at night. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a natural way to improve their skin, magnesium uptake and overall well-being. It's said that when you apply magnesium to your skin, it's absorbed directly into the tissue and cells, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. Some research even suggests that transdermal magnesium application may have a higher absorbency rate than magnesium supplements or magnesium from food sources.

Ingredients: distilled water, magnesium chloride flakes, essential oil of lavender