Cut Flowers at the Farm

Summer 2023 – You can pick Thursday to Monday 10am-5pm.

Come and visit our farm with your loved ones to experience the stunning beauty of nature. Bring your kids, family or friends and enjoy a peaceful walk through our gardens, where you can cut your own bouquets of flowers. Take some time to breathe in the fresh air and snap a picture with our iconic LOVE sign. After you finish your flower-picking adventure, stop by our store and indulge in some snacks, cold drinks, or gourmet ice cream sandwiches for a perfect picnic. You are welcome to bring camp chairs, a blanket or use our picnic tables and spread out around the farm. Don't forget to bring a cooler, so you can shop for our cold items like meats, cheeses, eggs, salsa, ferments, and many other products. 

Cutting your own bouquet of local flowers at Forrest Green Farm is a wonderful experience. Not only will you be able to savor the stunning beauty of nature, but you'll also be supporting a movement toward sustainably grown, locally sourced, and seasonal flowers in the US. You'll know exactly where your flowers came from, as they will be freshly cut from the gardens at Forrest Green Farm. These flowers are not only beautiful but also long-lasting, interesting, and safe to enjoy with their delightful scent, color, and variety. By choosing locally sourced flowers, you'll be doing your part in promoting a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We hope to see you soon!


Cut Flower and Herb Options 

💐 Mixed flower and herb bouquet, pick from any garden at the farm! Walk all the FGF gardens and pick your favorite flowers or herbs (perfect if you want to press any flowers/herbs for a fun summer craft project): $25 per bouquet includes a take-home quart jar and a packet of flower food. 

💐 Herb and flower bucket: $75 per 5-gallon bucket, includes a take-home 5-gallon bucket and a couple of flower food packets. This allows you to pick larger flowers and foliage from the farm. Great for weddings, entertaining events, family reunions, crafting, drying, or medicine making.