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Herbal Teas & Nourishing Herbal Infusions Private Workshop

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Herbal drinks are one of the easiest ways to add the benefits of herbs and quality nutrition (vitamins and minerals) into our lives, and they also taste so good. Learn simple ways of adding herbs for health into our lives daily and herbs for relief of symptoms when we are sick. In this workshop, we will demonstrate the methods used to make fresh and dried herbal teas and nourishing herbal infusions (nutrient-dense herbal drinks) and discuss how and when it is best to use each. We will look in-depth at which herbs are best used for different situations to help heal and nourish us. This workshop will be hands-on, and we will show how to prepare each type of herbal preparation. There will be detailed handouts for each participant to take home, and they will receive a package of our Daily Wellness Tea to get started.

Cost: $25 per person 

*Please contact us to schedule a date before checking out! All Private Workshops must be paid in full in one transaction and are non-refundable.*