Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our farm relies heavily on our Great Pyrenees dogs, who serve as livestock guardians. Unlike typical guard dogs, these dogs instinctively intimidate predators instead of attacking them. With their large size, coloring, and ferocious bark, they are able to intimidate potential threats. Great Pyrenees take their work seriously, whether it be protecting gardens from deer or livestock from coyotes. They pay close attention to the actions and attitudes of those around them and quickly learn what needs to be protected.

Currently, we have four dogs: Buddy, Kona, Moose, and Maggie. Moose and Maggie are tasked with protecting the laying hens full-time, while Kona watches over the broiler chickens at night. Buddy is a "runner," free to roam the farm and assist other Pyrenees if needed. We have established a routine for Buddy and Kona to rest in a kennel each day where they can relax, eat, and sleep. These dogs are naturally nocturnal and eager to return to work each evening to protect our farm.

We also have 3 Brown Chinese Guard Geese that stay with the laying hens. These geese are amazing protectors, and they are so loud and scary that I think they might be even scarier than the dogs! They do a great job of keeping the predators away from the chickens.

Meet the Dogs!