Skye's Blooms Flower Essences

Flower Essences are an amazing way to balance yourself out. Skye's Blooms produces flower essences of the highest quality using herbs and flowers from Forrest Green Farm. The farm has a very peaceful and healing energy that enriches all of the plants that are grown there.

Flower Essences are energetic imprints of flowers in spring water that work well for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual concerns. They do not have any medicinal constituents so anyone with any conditions can feel safe using essences. Including children, the elderly and animals. They are easily assimilated into your body and are very safe to use.

Every flower has a specific healing, strengthening, and balancing vibrational electrical pattern unique to that species of flower. This is something your body knows and understands how to use. Choosing the right essence for you is all about a feeling of rightness and balance.

The essences are sold in 1 oz. dosage bottles made with red shiso vinegar as the preservative. The high vibrational frequency of the red shiso complements the essences and assists your body's energy systems to resonate with the essence and integrate them together.

Directions for using Flower Essences 

  • Take 2-4 drops, up to four times per day, taken in water or directly on the tongue. For the first and last dose each day, it is recommended that you take them right when you wake up and just before bed.
  • Add 20 or so drops of an essence to your bath.
  • Put about 10 drops into a room diffuser.
  • Put about 10 drops of your essence in a glass spray bottle with water and mist the environment around you.
  • Add 6-10 drops to creams, oils , salves or lotions and apply topically. You can also just put the drops directly on your skin.


Essences for Animals 

Essences work great for animals! They aid in dealing with depression, hyperactivity, anger, jealousy, fear of storms and impatience. Also great for traveling or going to the vet with your pet, anything where your pet gets stressed out. 

  • Two to four drops in your animals drinking water.
  • One drop on a treat, in their food, on their bed or on their favorite toy.
  • One drop rubbed onto each ear and/or their paws.
  • Make a mister bottle (see above) and spray around them and their environment. 


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